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Come and see what the Preps have been learning about…

Our Term 2 Prep Assembly

On Friday 23rd June, the Preps will be presenting at their first assembly for the year. It will start at 2:40pm in the school hall. It would be great to see as many family members as possible come and watch the Preps. The Preps have worked so hard for this assembly. They are really looking forward to it. Come support them! Here are the songs to practise at home with your child.


Casey Safety Village Excursion

On Thursday 25th May, our class went on an excursion to Casey Safety Village. It was so much fun. We got to ride bikes and practised following the rules. We also had to be pedestrians. We had to be SAFE pedestrians. After we learnt about fire safety. We learnt so much important information.

How can you be safe in your neighbourhood?



Mother’s Day!

We wish our beautiful Mums a Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for everything you do for us. We love you lots! Enjoy your special day!

What do you enjoy doing with your Mum?


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Our Wonderful Neighbourhood Walk!

Today, we went on our Neighbourhood Walk. We saw many places, objects and different types of transport. We enjoyed walking around and seeing all the different places in our neighbourhoood. Have a look… 

What was your favourite thing that you saw on our Neighbourhood Walk? 

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End of Term 1!

We have come to the end of Term 1. What a great Term 1 it has been. We are big Preps now and have been at school for 34 days. We have learnt so much and we can’t wait for Term 2. We wish you a Happy Easter!

What are some things that you learnt in Term 1? What did you enjoy doing in Term 1?

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All About Elmer!

We’ve been learning all about the letter ‘Ee’. This week we are reading a story about an elephant called Elmer. We are having a special week all about Elmer the Elephant. If you’d like, watch the story about Elmer with your family. What’s your favourite part in the story?


Our Shape Monsters

During Maths, we have been learning about different shapes. In today’s Maths/Art lesson, we had to make our own Shape Monster using different shapes. We followed steps and we needed to make sure that we had hair, eyes, mouth, teeth, legs, shoes. It was so much fun! Have a look… Which shapes have we used to make our Shape Monsters?

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Getting Ready for Easter!

This week, we have been learning about Palm Sunday and what happened.

We read the story and then re-enacted it. 

Do you know the story of Palm Sunday?


Beach Day!

On Friday 10th of March, our whole school went to the Beach. We went on a bus to get to the beach. It was so much fun. We made lots of sandcastles, learnt about how to be safe with the life guards and played with a giant parachute. The weather was beautiful too. We enjoyed being at the beach and can’t wait to go again with our own families for some fun!

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Shrove Tuesday!

Today is Shrove Tuesday. We read a story about pancakes. We sang a song about pancakes. We even coloured in a sheet about pancakes. The best part was getting to eat our own pancakes! YUM!



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