Prep Efe's Superstars!

Come and see what the Preps have been learning about…

Shrove Tuesday!

Today is Shrove Tuesday. We read a story about pancakes. We sang a song about pancakes. We even coloured in a sheet about pancakes. The best part was getting to eat our own pancakes! YUM!



Letter Aa

Our special letter for this week was Aa. We brainstormed many words that start with A. We also learnt how to write the letter A. Some of our words were…





Can you think of anymore words that start with a?

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Big Preps Now!

We are big Preps now. So far this week, we have been learning about the letter ‘Ss’ and the number 1. We now know some of the places around our school and have met our new teachers. It has been an exciting week. We can’t wait to learn some more.


Welcome Prep 2017

School has started for the new Preps of 2017! Welcome to my new Preps. I can’t wait to have a fantastic year full of learning and fun times. Tomorrow will be a long day for the Preps as it will be their first official day at school. Good Luck!

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