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Our Australian Animal Dioramas!

Yesterday, we planned and created our dioramas for an Australian animal. We had to make one for either a Kangaroo or a Koala. We used lots of different materials. In the afternoon, we presented our dioramas to the class. We had so much fun. Here are some of them…

p1050390 p1050391 p1050392 p1050395 p1050402 p1050410 p1050416 p1050418



Our School Art show!

On Wednesday 19th of October, we had a whole school Art Show. Everyone has been so busy creating different pieces of artwork for this show. We all had to create 2x 2D pieces and 1x 3D to display. It was amazing to walk around and look at everyone’s artwork. Take a look…

p1050380 p1050381 p1050382 p1050383 p1050384 p1050385 p1050386 p1050387


St. Francis Blessing of Animals Day

On Friday 7th of October, it was St. Francis Blessing of Animals day. St. Francis was a man who loved and cared for animals and nature. We started the morning off with a short ceremony that involved the blessing of animals. Then we completed an activity about St. Francis and our school assembly taught us some new information about him.

p1050374 p1050375 p1050376 p1050377 p1050378 p1050379


Australian Animals

Welcome back to term 4! This week we have started learning about Living Things (Australian Animals). We have started to talk about the different Australian animals. We coloured in some pictures and write some facts about them.


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