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Our Paramedics Incursion!

On Friday 27th of May, we had an incursion at school. A Paramedic called Miss C came in an Ambulance to our school to teach us about what Paramedics do. We learnt lots of new things. We even got to go inside a real Ambulance and dress up as a Paramedic.

Would you like to be a Paramedic when you grow up? Why?

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Being Safe with Dogs

Today, we had an incursion at school. It was all about being safe with dogs. We learnt about what to do when we see an angry dog, a scared dog and a happy dog. We even got to meet a real dog called Willow. She was beautiful!  We had so much fun! 

Do you have a pet at home?

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Happy Mother’s Day!

We wish our beautiful mums a Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for everything you do for us. We love you lots!

What do you enjoy doing with your Mum?




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