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The Last Supper

on March 22, 2016

We have been learning all about the events that happen during Holy Week. So far we have learnt about the story of Palm Sunday and the Last Supper. Today we re-enacted the story of the Last Supper. We were the disciples and our teacher was Jesus.

What happened to Jesus on Palm Sunday?

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6 Responses to “The Last Supper”

  1. Jason Luong says:

    Dear prep Efe,
    Hi I am Jason from Mrs Francis’s class I am Andrew’s buddy I just came here to say hi, hi 🙂

  2. Anthony T says:

    Dear Preps,
    Hi I am Anthony T from Mrs Francis’s class and I am Tim’s buddy and I am here to say hi.

  3. andy says:

    hi Prep buddy i hope you had a good holiday…

    are you excited to meet us again?

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