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Last day of Term 1, 2016!

On Thursday 24th of March, it will be the last day of term 1. The students will finish at 2:30pm. We have had a busy, fun and exciting term 1. We have learnt so much. We wish you all a Happy Easter! See you in term 2!

What have you enjoyed doing in term 1?



The Last Supper

We have been learning all about the events that happen during Holy Week. So far we have learnt about the story of Palm Sunday and the Last Supper. Today we re-enacted the story of the Last Supper. We were the disciples and our teacher was Jesus.

What happened to Jesus on Palm Sunday?

P1040885 P1040886 P1040887 P1040888 P1040889 P1040890


A Good Learner…

This term, we have been talking about what it is to be a good learner in Prep. We came up with lots of answers about being a good learner. Our teacher made a poster about being a good learner with all our answers. 

What do you think it is to be a good learner?



Our Pyjama Day

It is a special day for the Preps today. We are celebrating our ‘Bedtime’ big book by wearing pyjamas to school. We also brought our favourite soft toy and books to school. Have a look at us…




Today in Maths, we learnt about the words ‘short’ and ‘tall’. We worked in groups to measure each other using streamers. Then as a class, we looked at all the streamers to see who the shortest and tallest people are in the class.

Who is the tallest in your family? 

P1040845 P1040846 P1040847 P1040848

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