Prep Efe's Superstars!

Come and see what the Preps have been learning about…

Beginning Letters of our Names

In writing, we spoke about our names and what the beginning letters of our names are. The beginning letters of our names are also capital letters. Then we decorated our beginning letters using coloured squares. We enjoyed doing that!

Do you know what the beginning letter of your name is?

P1040842 P1040843

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Jesus is the Good Shepherd

We have been learning about Jesus being the Good Shepherd and caring for us. We belong to Jesus’ family. Jesus looks after us like a shepherd looks after his sheep. Yesterday we made some sheep. Have a look…



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Our Funny Face Biscuits

Today we made funny face biscuits. We used a variety of lollies to decorate the face. We enjoyed decorating our biscuits. Look at all of them.

Did you enjoy decorating the biscuits and why?

P1040812 P1040813  

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Our School Models

Today we had to use lego, blocks or unifix blocks to build one area in our school. Some of us made the library, the canteen, the classroom, the school hall, the office or the playground. We had lots of fun. Here are some of our models.

P1040788 P1040794 P1040795 P1040799 P1040801


We Belong to Prep Efe

This is our second week of school. We have been learning lots at school! These are some of the things that we have done this week…

  • Learnt about the letter Ss

  • Learnt about the numbers 1 and 2

  • We met our 5/6 buddies

  • We met our Italian, Music and Sport teachers

  • We learnt how to make the Sign of the Cross

  • We learnt about all the different places in our school

  • We learnt how to line up with a partner

    Here’s a picture of our class. We are in Prep Efe!

  • P1040732


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