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Our Farm Dioramas

Today we made our farm dioramas. We used lots of different materials. We had so much fun making them. After we finished, we presented them to the class. Have a look…


P1040508 P1040512 P1040511 P1040510

P1040514 P1040516 P1040515

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Bye, Bye Chicks!

Our chicks have gone. We will miss them. We enjoyed having them in our classroom.

Good bye Chicks!

P1040496 P1040497 P1040498



Our Little Cute Chicks

It is our second week with our chicks. They are doing really well. We give them food and water everyday and clean their home. They are really funny and like to have a bit of fun. We also got to hold them. They will be leaving on Thursday and we are going to miss them.



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Sharing Objects

In Maths, we have started to learn about sharing objects between groups. We used counters to share them between groups.

P1040491 P1040492

P1040493 P1040495

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Chicks, chicks, chicks!

Since yesterday, we have had another three chicks hatch out of the eggs. Altogether we have 9 chicks that have hatched.

P1040460 P1040461

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This morning we came to school and six eggs had hatched. Little chicks came out of them. They are so cute! Have a look…

P1040454 P1040457


Eggs Cracking…

When we arrived at school this morning, we noticed that one of our eggs has cracked a little. It’s very exciting! Soon we will find out what will be hatching out of the eggs. Look very closely and you’ll see the crack.


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Our Hatching Eggs!

We have some new visitors in our classroom. For the next two weeks, we will be hatching some eggs. As a class, we predicted as to what will be hatching out of the eggs. 

What do you think will be coming out of the eggs?



Animals Everywhere…


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