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Our 100th Days of School Celebrations!

on August 9, 2015

5 Responses to “Our 100th Days of School Celebrations!”

  1. 1/2 PR says:

    Hi Prep Efe,

    We loved seeing your photos from all the activities you did for 100 days at school. It looks like so much fun. We loved your cupcake cake that looked like the number 100.
    Your assembly was amazing- and we love the photo of the teachers dancing 😉

    from 1/2 PR

    • Mrs Efe says:

      Hi 1/2 Pr,
      We had a fantastic week celebrating our 100 days of school. Thank you for sending us great comments.
      We are very happy that you looked at all of our photos.
      Have a great day!
      From Prep Efe

  2. Miss Beadle says:

    Hi Prep Efe,
    Happy 100 days of school! Did you have fun?
    We liked your assembly and our favourite song was counting to 100.
    From 1/2 BE

    • Mrs Efe says:

      Hi 1/2 Beadle,
      Thank you! We had so much fun last week. It was the best week ever!
      Thank you for watching our assembly. We loved the ‘Let’s Celebrate’ song.
      Thank you for your message.
      From Prep Efe

  3. Mrs Natoli says:

    Hello Prep Efe,
    We loved looking at all your photos of 100 days. You did lots of exciting things. We liked your 100 chains. That’s cool!
    From Prep Natoli

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