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Humpty Dumpty

This week we learnt about the nursery rhyme called ‘Humpty Dumpty’. We wrote a sentence, decorated our own book and made our own Humpty Dumpty.

What’s your favourite nursery rhyme?



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Fruit Kebabs!

Today we made fruit kebabs. We used lots of healthy fruits that we got from Woolworths. The fruit kebabs were very tasty. After we ate them, we wrote some sentences about them.

Which fruit did you enjoy eating the most?

Stephanie: My fruit kebab was yummy!

Martin: My fruit kebab was delicious!

Jolina: My fruit kebab was tasty!

P1040110 P1040136 P1040134


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Our visit to Woolworths!

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

This week we looked at the nursery rhyme called ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. We read the words and sang the song. We made our own stars and typed some sentences on the laptops using Microsoft Word.

Is a star or diamond your favourite shape?

P1040073 P1040074 P1040075 P1040076

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Prep Assembly

On Friday 7th August, the Preps will be celebrating 100 days of being at school. They will be involved in lots of fun activities. The Preps will be performing at our school assembly in the school hall at 2:40pm. Here are some of the songs to practise at home. Click on the pictures.

We Can Count to 100 Song

Hi-5 Let’s Celebrate Song

 Come and watch us at our special 100 days of school assembly!

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Hickory, Dickory Dock

This week we learnt all about the ‘Hickory, Dickory Dock’ nursery rhyme. We did lots of activities about the song. Today we decorated our own mouse.

Who is your favourite character in the nursery rhyme?


P1040069 P1040072 P1040071 P1040070


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