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Maths: Learning about Mass

on June 3, 2015

This week in maths time, we have been learning about mass. We worked in groups and used balance scales to measure which objects were light and heavy. Have a look at our photos and see if you can work out which objects are heavy and which are light.

How do you know if an object is heavy?

How do you know if an object is light?

How do you know if the objects both weigh the same?

P1040011 P1040020 P1040019

P1040018 P1040017  P1040014 P1040012

8 Responses to “Maths: Learning about Mass”

  1. Prep Machuca says:

    Great job prep Efe. It looks like you had fun measuring all the objects

    • Mrs Efe says:

      Hi Prep Machuca,
      Thank you for your comment. We had lots of fun measuring all the objects.
      Have you used the balance scales to weigh any objects?
      From Prep Efe

  2. Anton says:

    Dear Mrs Efe,
    I really like your blog that you made.

  3. Christine says:

    Hi buddy class! So great to see that you have a blog. The activities that you guys are doing looks fun. Fantastic job at assembly.

  4. Kieran Pho says:

    I love our blog so much! You did a fantastic job!

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