Prep Efe's Superstars!

Come and see what the Preps have been learning about…

Our Weather Collages!

This term we have been learning about the weather.

We created our own weather collages using coloured paper and coloured in parts of it.

Have a look…

P1040023   P1040023   P1040056   P1040057   P1040058   P1040059   P1040065

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Responsible Pet Incursion

On Thursday 18th June, we had a speaker called Susan come and talk to us about being safe around dogs. Look at our slideshow to see our photos….



Assembly Songs

Term 2 Prep Assembly Songs

On Friday 19th June, the Prep level will be presenting their first assembly to the whole school.

It will start at 2:45pm in the school hall. Please come along and watch.

Here are some of the songs to practice at home…


How Many Days Have We Been At School?

We have now been at school for 74 days. Can you believe it? We are big Preps now! Our goal is to get to 100 days…


What are some different ways you can count the jellybeans? 

We’ve been counting forwards by ones and learning how to count by tens. 





Four Seasons Song

At the moment we are learning about the weather and the four seasons.

Can you name the four seasons?

Which one is your favourite season and why?

Join in our ‘Seasons’ song…


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Maths: Learning about Mass

This week in maths time, we have been learning about mass. We worked in groups and used balance scales to measure which objects were light and heavy. Have a look at our photos and see if you can work out which objects are heavy and which are light.

How do you know if an object is heavy?

How do you know if an object is light?

How do you know if the objects both weigh the same?

P1040011 P1040020 P1040019

P1040018 P1040017  P1040014 P1040012


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