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Our Letter ‘Hh’ Posters

on May 26, 2015

Using iPads

Today we used iPads to make our own posters. We used an app called Pic Collage. We had to choose a background, add some writing, take photos and add a sticker. We worked very hard! We love using Pic Collage!

Have a look at our letter posters…

Cindy_Felix Isabella_Kenneth Joshua_Aurelia_Jasmine Martin_Edwin_Tammy


                                       Nhi_Solomon   Stephanie_Gracey

7 Responses to “Our Letter ‘Hh’ Posters”

  1. Samuel says:

    Well done children!

  2. 1/2 PR says:

    Hi Prep Efe,
    You have done a fantastic job with Pic Collage. We can see you are learning about the Letter H.
    from 1/2 Primerano

  3. wurdle the turtle says:

    Top quality posters. They were absolutely beautiful. What does HH mean?:):):):):):)

    • Mrs Efe says:

      Yes, the posters were great. Where is the HH?
      From Mrs Efe

      • Mrs Efe says:

        I just realised that you were talking about our letter posters. The Hh is the capital letter and lower case letter. That was our letter for the week.

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