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End of Term 3!

We are now in the last week of term 3! It has been a very busy term. We have enjoyed so many special events and  we have learnt a lot. I hope you enjoy your holidays and rest. Term 4 is going to be an exciting term. What has been your favourite thing from term 3?

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Last week we completed another procedure. We made fairybread. We talked about the materials we needed and then followed steps. It was so simple and YUMMY! Have a look…

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Making Jelly!

We have been learning about procedures in writing time. We followed steps to make Frogs in a Pond Jelly. We needed lots of materials. It was so much fun. We can’t wait to eat them!

P1050335 P1050336 P1050337 P1050338 P1050339 P1050340 P1050341

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The Gingerbread Man!

This week we have been reading the story of The Gingerbread Man. We have really enjoyed the story. Today we cooked and decorated our own gingerbread men. We used most of our senses. The best sense we will get to use is the TASTE sense after school. We are not going to let our gingerbread men get away! What’s you favourite part from the story?

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Book Week!

It’s BOOK WEEK! Today the all the Preps enjoyed a Shadow show. It was so much fun! We got to learn all about shadows and then we were involved in different shadow scenes. We were laughing so much. We can’t wait for more fun activities this week! Take a look at our photos… 

What was your favourite part from the Shadow show?

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Making Wooden Planes

On Thursday 10th August, we had an incursion at school. We learnt about different types of wood and how to make our own wooden aeroplane. It was fun! Do you know some objects that are made out of wood?


Our Special 100 Days Celebration!

We celebrated 100 days of being at school. It was such a fun week. We completed lots of activities all about the number 100. We sang songs, read books, created 100 day glasses and hats, wrote sentences and completed maths activities. On Friday 4th August, it was our celebration day. We wore casual clothes to school. We completed year level rotational activities in the morning, had a special Prep Assembly with cupcakes. Then we got to go outside and blow 100 bubbles. It was an amazing week. We can’t wait to make it to 200 days!


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Preparing for 100 Days of School…

We are getting ready to celebrate our 100 days of School next week. Our first job was to collect 100 items at home and place them in a bag. Some of us collected 100 fruit loops, 100 elastic bands, 100 lego pieces, 100 pieces of pasta and so many other things were collected. We can’t wait to make it to our 100th day!

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Feeding the Five Thousand

We read a story called ‘Feeding the Five Thousand’. We made our own baskets with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread just like the little boy in the story. 

What special thing did Jesus do in the story?


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Light or Heavy?

In our Maths lessons, we have been learning about comparing mass. We used balance scales to weigh different objects within the classroom to see if they were light, heavy or about the same. When do you use measuring scales to measure things?


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