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Bye Bye Prep Efe!

I cannot believe it has nearly come to the end of the year for Prep Efe! I remember starting the year off with students being quiet, scared, shy. Now look at them. they are confident and have become chatterboxes. Thank you for a wonderful year in Prep Efe. The students have learnt so much and I wish them all the best in Year 1! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Daily 5 Reading

This term we have been starting to listen to someone read. Everyday we do our ‘read to self’ for 2 minutes and then we ‘read to someone’ for 5 minutes. It’s been great because we are trying to become better readers and it’s fun listening to each other read. What’s your favourite book to read?

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Our Trip to Chersterfield Farm!

On Thursday 9th November, all the Preps went to Chesterfield Farm. We went there because we have been learning about living things and what they need to survive. We travelled by bus. When we got there, we ate our snacks and then we were ready to start our activities. Throughout the day we got to feed some farm animals, go on a tractor ride, milk a cow, look and touch some baby animals in the nursery, watch a dog show and finally go to the Discovery Barn. It was such a fun day and we learnt so much. By the end of the day, we were very tired! We can’t wait to go there again. 


Our Farm Dioramas

On Friday 3rd November, we created our own Farm dioramas. We used a variety of materials. Once, we had finished we looked at each other’s dioramas and then each one of us presented our diorama to the class. It was a very fun day. Take a look at some of our dioramas…

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Our Eggs Have Arrived…

On Monday 16th October, our special little eggs have arrived. We are learning about living things especially farm animals. We will be keeping them for two weeks and watching them everyday to see what will happen to them. As a class, we have predicted as to what we will think will hatch out of them. Some people said chicks, ducklings, crocodiles, snakes. What do you think will hatch out of them?

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St. Francis Day

Welcome back to Term 4! It has been a very busy start to the term. Today we are celebrating St. Francis day. St. Francis was a man who loved animals and the environment. Fr. will be blessing our animals at school today and then each class will be completing some activities about St. Francis. Happy St. Francis Day! How can you look after animals?

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End of Term 3!

We are now in the last week of term 3! It has been a very busy term. We have enjoyed so many special events and  we have learnt a lot. I hope you enjoy your holidays and rest. Term 4 is going to be an exciting term. What has been your favourite thing from term 3?

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Last week we completed another procedure. We made fairybread. We talked about the materials we needed and then followed steps. It was so simple and YUMMY! Have a look…

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Making Jelly!

We have been learning about procedures in writing time. We followed steps to make Frogs in a Pond Jelly. We needed lots of materials. It was so much fun. We can’t wait to eat them!

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The Gingerbread Man!

This week we have been reading the story of The Gingerbread Man. We have really enjoyed the story. Today we cooked and decorated our own gingerbread men. We used most of our senses. The best sense we will get to use is the TASTE sense after school. We are not going to let our gingerbread men get away! What’s you favourite part from the story?

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